Thermal Thursday – The Executioner 36

This book was pretty good. It’s one of the Mack Bolans that was actually written by Don Pendleton. I like the early Executioner books because they were written for the 60s guy with the 60s mentality. There is not as much action/adventure as the later ones, but they are still interesting to read.

There are a few paragraphs that allude to sex, but that’s not what I’m there for. I’m there for the fights and stuff getting blown up. Guys getting shot in the face.

In this one, Mack goes to Florida to stop some kind of underwater conduit highway, or whatever it is, that will eventually ship marijuana (Heaven forbid) and cocaine to the U.S. There are pages and pages of description of the thing and how it works. Geology and science stuff. Caverns and caves and underwater conduits and dams and blah blah blah.

Mack slips into the place and cons the guys in charge into believing that he is some big wig sent from the main mafia guys to check out the place. They totally fall for it. He kind of distracts them by saying that he is going to have some hookers delivered. Idiots.

thermal 1He waltzes out of the place with some plans that he snagged from one of the offices. The plans are in one of those rolled up tubes. Kind of like the one that Jan Brady lost at King’s Island amusement park (The one that contained her dad’s architecture plans). He gives the boss guy some kind of really vague reason for taking it. The guy doesn’t make that big of a deal about it because he is too busy thinking about boobs and stuff.

Later, Mack goes back by himself – because he’s the bomb like that – and starts sneaking up on the guards and killing them. Then his backup starts shooting the place up with rockets and stuff. The place had about 100 prisoners that did a lot of the work – some of them kidnapped cops – that Mack had given an escape plan to while he was in the place earlier in the day. That’s right. The whole adventure takes place in one day. Thursday. Thermal Thursday.

Anyway, they all get rescued and all of the bad guys die. Even the main scientist guy. The guy behind the whole thing. He had gone to the bad guys with his technology because the military and other big businesses thought he was a wack job. Come to find out, he knew what he was talking about. Only Mack stopped that shit before the main plan came to fruition. Less drugs in the U.S. and everybody’s happy.

Mack makes out with some girl. The End.


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