Tennessee Smash – The Executioner 32

Mack Bolan goes to Tennessee so that he can break up the mafia in Nashville. As usual he pretty much does it single-handedly. He does get some help though. His chopper buddy, Grimaldi, drops him off here and there.

Just like in Thermal Thursday, Mack waltzes into mob territory and pretends he is some mafia big-wig. These mafia guys can’t be too bright because they always fall for it.

Along the way he saves a couple of people. One of them is a famous country singer who is married to one of the mob bosses. She confides in Mack that she wants OUT. Her mafia hubby isn’t really doing anything to help advance her career – as promised. He’s too involved in drugs and prostitution. Anyway, Mack saves her. He also saves a couple of other government people who have been kidnapped and held hostage.

Somebody in the book – I  can’t remember who it is, because I have more important things to do than to pay attention to minor characters stupid names – talks about a fairly new technology called videotape. He talks about how the mob guys are going to copy tv shows with it and sell them. Egads!

There are 2 mob territories in Nashville. Whenever Mack screws stuff up on one side, he blames it on the other. So-and-so is trying to take over your turf. That one dude wants you dead and can’t be trusted. blah blah blah.

Anyway, he kills a bunch of guys. Blows people’s faces off. Blows shit up.
He pretty much breaks up the mob in Tennessee. Now, off to the next city to fuck up more shit.


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