Real Books or E Books?

This has been written about a lot. I know that. I had to give me take on it because…well, just because.

In the beginning I was hardcore real books. Tangible items that you could hold in your hand. Sure, some of them had print so small that you had to be Superman to read them, but so what. It was mine. It wouldn’t get lost in the internet cosmos.

what are you doingI used to be partial to paperbacks. Yeah, they fit right in your back pocket and you can read them anywhere. Unless it’s …and Ladies of the Club, and then you’d have to wear your fat pants. Stand in line at the DMV and whip out your book. And then someone is like, “What are you reading”? Total buzz kill. Now you gotta talk to somebody. If I were reading the book on my phone no one would be the wiser. They would think you were reading a text or something. Nobody gives a shit about your stupid text. No interruptions.

A few years ago, I bought a Kindle Fire with part of the money from my income tax refund. In the beginning I was getting those free books from Gutenberg. I was like, “Cool, free books”. After a while I got sick of books that were like a hundred years old. Then I discovered Amazon. New stuff. Plus, they had all of those older pulp and detective novels that I like. And mystery. A lot of them were cheaper too. Cheaper than the bookstore. If I could find them at the bookstore, that is.

One day I discovered the change background and font/size feature. I usually don’t read instructions or investigate stuff that much, so it took me a while to catch on. Changing the font was pretty awesome because I could read a Perry Mason novel using the courier new font. It was like Erle Stanley Gardner typed it out just for me. Also, I discovered it was easier for me to read the book when it was a black background with a white font. I have horrible vision, and that white page was just blinding the crap out of me. I felt like radiation waves were disintegrating my eyes.

A while back, when I was in some store, I bought a paperback. For old times sake. It was a Don Pendleton Executioner book. I like reading books about shit blowing up and guys getting their faces blown off. It was hard to read. I had gotten so used to being able to change the font size to accommodate my horrible vision. I had to buy old people magnifying specs. The ones that make your eyes look like some kind of gigantic monster movie bug. ugh. You can’t read in line at the DMV or the bank looking like that.

So, I’ve changed my attitude. I prefer e books now. I never thought that would happen. But, dang it, it’s just so much more convenient.


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