My Favorite Word…

My favorite word is Terrific.

Nowadays it means
very good or fine; splendid; very great

You did a terrific job.

It used to mean causing terror. That makes sense. It sounds like a portmanteau word. A cross between terrible and horrific. A portmanteau word is one that has 2 words smashed together to make a new one. Like bootylicious, or fucktard.

It’s a great I’m not really listening to you word. It sounds like you mean “That’s great!”, but in reality you’re saying, “I don’t fucking care, please shut up”.

Them: So when I get back from the store I’m going to wash my hair, call Mildred and then blah blah blah.
You: That’s Terrific.

Boss: We did great in the last quarter. If we keep it up we’ll have a great year.
You: That’s Terrific

Them: You never listen to me! One of these days I’m going to cut your dick off and feed it to the koala bears at the zoo!
You : That’s Terrific (and then you laugh because 1) koala bears are cute, and 2) you know that koala bears only eat eucalyptus.)

Terrific is such a laissez-faire word. It’s so non-committal. It’s right up there with “That’s nice“.

Baby Jessica fell in the well!
That’s terrific
Jesus died for your sins.
That’s terrific
A whole bunch of people drank kool-aid and died.
That’s terrific
The world is going to  blow up in 5 minutes.
That’s terrific

Even though terrific is such a terrific word, you should use it semi-sparingly. After a while people will catch on and you will become a social pariah. People will start to hate your guts. They will avoid you. You will be labeled fucking asshole.


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