People who just will not STFU

What is up with the people who will just not shut the fuck up? Is is a disease or something? It’s non-stop 24/7. They have an opinion on everything. They make you want to bang your head against a wall.

I know a few people like that. It’s hell. How do you make them shut up? Slap them? Tape their mouth shut? Move to a different country? I have no clue. Telling them to shut up doesn’t work. They can’t hear you. All they can hear is their own stupid voice spouting insipid and obnoxious nonsense.

They have an opinion on everything. They KNOW everything.

What kills me is how they have all of the solutions to all of the world’s problems, but yet, shit is still fucked up.
In addition to KNOWING everything, they’ve DONE everything.

You: I’m going to Scarborough Fair.
Them: That’s nothing, one time I went to the moon.

Sometimes, they mispronounce worlds. Like mischievous.

amoeba man 2…blah blah blah, and she is so mis-chee-vee-ous.
You: It’s pronounced mis-cha-vous. Three syllables, not four.
Them: Well, you know, it’s used to be pronounced mis-chee-vee-ous, and it is still an acceptible pro-NOUNCE-e-ation. That’s how the literary people say it.

First of all, who are these literary people you are talking about? And second, you’re such a big, fat, fucking liar. You just made that shit up. You have no idea what you’re talking about and you are a lunatic.

And EVERYTHING is a damned conspiracy theory. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good conspiracy theory, and there is some truth to some of them, but yeah, they go all whackadoodle about it.

It’s them Babylonian Brotherhood people that’s behind it, you know. That’s why this world is so messed up. This is the end of days. Them bozos in Congress need to do something about it. It’s ’cause of all the sin. People need to find Jesus.

Logic is not in their vocabulary. That part of their brain is filled up with diarrhea.

You can’t tell them anything, so you just sit their and listen. Hoping they will go away. And maybe get hit by a bus.
It’s people like that that help me to understand why there is such a thing as serial killers.


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