Congratulations, You’re Mediocre!

I’ve had this blog for over 2 weeks now. In that time I have acquired 23 followers. Wow. That’s like The Brady Bunch, The Partridge Family AND The Waltons all rolled into one. How lovely. And of those 23, there are probably about 3 who actually look at the thing. That’s 3/4s of The Beatles. How inspiring!

I got rid of those stupid Miss Lonelyhearts posts. What a dumb idea that was. I must have been on crack. Writing about personal stuff via that format is just creepy. Talk about looking desperate. I’ll just leave Miss Lonelyhearts to Nathanael West and try something new. Or not. IDK.

I got my yearly review at work yesterday. All 3s. Wow. How mediocre. You get 3s for just walking in the front door. The boss says that 4s are extremely rare and that NOBODY ever gets a 5. So, I guess I did good. Most of the review was positive, but as usual, there are some areas to work on. Plus, I got a raise, or as they call it, merit increase. I hate the term merit increase. It’s like they’re trying to be politically correct while they’re throwing a few more cents your way. “Here’s your cost of living increase. Go buy a fucking candy bar”.

I’m almost finished with reading Killer’s Choice by Ed McBain. That will be my 12th book on my 100 books in a year quest. I only started last month, so that’s pretty good.

That show Forever got cancelled. I really like that show. Idol is getting cancelled after next season, but I already did a blog post on that so why even bring it up. *shrugs shoulders*

chosenLast month I took the online Jeopardy test. Boy, did I bomb out on that. I just kind of have assed tried. Guess they won’t be calling me. I’m usually good with trivia. I mean, I’ve already been on a game show, but Jeopardy is like the IT show. You make that show and you’ve REALLY made it. As far as that kind of junk goes, that is. Maybe one day (but I doubt it).

Anyway, it’s Tuesday, and according to this thing I read, Tuesday is the second most depressing day of the week. Saturday is the first. I don’t know why. Somebody just said it was, so it’s gotta be true.

Hello Kitty was RuPaul’s Drag Race last night. How bizarre was that.


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  1. If nobody ever gets a “5”, why do they have a “5”? That’s just dumb. I hope you have a good Tuesday.


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