Daily Prompt – Those Dishes Won’t Do Themselves

What’s the household task you most dislike doing? Why do you think that is – is it the task itself, or something more?

ick. Vaccuuming!
First, you’ve got to get the stupid thing out of the closet. Then, there’s always at least one coat that falls off of the hanger and you’ve got to pick THAT up.

Then, you’ve got to unwind the dumb cord, that the last person who used the thing wound up all janky like some Chinese rope puzzle – all tied up in knots.

cords 1Then you gotta find a place to plug the thing in. No available outlets. So you have to unplug something. Usually, it’s the frickin’ cable box (by accident, because you can’t remember what is plugged into what), and then everything has to reboot and the show you’re recording gets all goofed up.

Then you gotta move shit. Not to mention that you have a cheap ass Wal Mart vaccuum, so it doesn’t glide across the carpet. You have to push it. Kind of like one of those Biggest Loser workouts.

Mary Poppins lied. In this job to be done, there is NO element of fun.

And the thing sounds like a 747 ready for takeoff. And the dog is barking, running around trying to bite the loud monster. And UPS is banging on your door with your Amazon purchase. And the phone rings – Can you come into work early today?

And then the cord knocks shit over. And then comes unplugged. And you’re like “SCREW THIS. There are enough wheel tracks in the carpet to make it look like I did something.”

And then you do everything in reverse. Pick up the vase of flowers that fell off the table. Unplug it. Wind up the cord the RIGHT way, even though it’s going to be jacked up the next time you use it. Put the thing back in the closet and knock a few coats off their hangers.

Yeah, vaccuuming. Not my cup of tea.
God Bless June Cleaver. She made it look so easy.



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