Too Many Damn Posts in One Day-Gate

I’m so excited. I found a way to put video and audio from the Prelinger Archives on my WordPress posts. Prelinger recently changed the format of their site. I must say that it easier to navigate. Anyway, I think that the wordpress enablement is fairly recent. I don’t recall being able to do it before. You could do it on Blogger and Tumblr, but not here. Now, you can. Excitement City!

See, a song.

Okay, so it’s old stuff. Allegedly out of copyright .But it IS Billie Holiday. Anyway, it’s a way to add music without having to pay the 20 bucks for that add audio feature.

Aaron Rodgers won on Celebrity Jeopardy today. So much for jocks being stupid. He played against non-jock people too, so there you go.
I never thought jocks were stupid. You gotta be kinda smart to remember all them damn NFL plays.

So, they’ve got that Deflategate thing going on right now. How not-really-that-important is that? Well, to some people it is I guess. ESPN won’t stfu about it. I’m like, “eh, it’s a news story”. There are no Chilean miners stuck in a well or anything, so I guess they gotta have something.

I'm creepy

I’m creepy

The thing that weirds me out is that creepy look on Tom Brady’s face whenever the media talks to him about it. Creepier than normal. It’s like any second his face is going to rip open and one of those Babylonian Brotherhood lizards is going to pop out. You know, like Dick Cheney is supposed to be. Scary.

I hate how they stick -gate on the end of controversial stuff. Seriously, if that break-in would have been somewhere else other than the Watergate apartments, what would they do then? What would they call stuff? Deflateholidayinn? Deflatemotelsix? Seriously, Watergate didn’t have anything to do with water, so why add that -gate to words that DO have something to do with the controversy. Makes no damn sense. But then again, what the hell do I know about anything?

The past 3 days have been nothing but rain and rain and wet and rain. Sometimes thunder and lightning. And then comes the humidity, ugh. It’s cooler today, though. Thank goodness. Just stay that way, okay.

Recently I’ve started drinking Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper. I don’t like diet drinks, but you know what, you can’t even taste the diet stuff – and I am not even kidding.

I’ve already posted several times today and I don’t even care.


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