Daily Prompt – Land of Confusion

Which subject in school did you find impossible to master? Did math give you hives? Did English make you scream? Do tell!

This question has deja vu written all over it. I’ve seen it before. Oh, well.

Well, if you want to count Phys. Ed, it was that. But that only lasted for so long. When I got to high school you didn’t have to take gym if you were in the Band. So, adios rope climbing. But, while I was in jr. high PE was the worst for me. There were a few things I was fairly good at, but they never did that stuff.

pianoWhen I got to high school it was math. I’m the artsy type. I like to violently bang of out random dissonant chords on the piano or splash paint all over stuff. And then tell people they don’t understand where I am coming from because they are an uncultured swine. I like to take really awful out-of-focus photos and claim it as a masterpiece. These yahoos don’t understand real art.

With the fine arts you can kind of get away with stuff. You know, fake it. What is good in art, music and all that mess, changes from time to time. One week graffiti is a crime and the next week it’s a masterpiece. It’s all about culture. Who we are as a society. Who we are now.

It ain’t like that with math. These are the rules and this is how it is. No faking it. You know it or you don’t. In my case; don’t.



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  1. I agree, that’s why I hate math and physic for that matter.


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