Dumbo the Flying Cloud

It’s Wednesday. ugh, that is so average. Wednesday is in the middle, and being in the middle is like being invisible.

I watched Mad Men last night. The one that I had recorded from Sunday. The next to the last episode in the series. The penultimate episode. Talk about depressing. Betty found out she has lung cancer. She’s got maybe 3 months. She was all whatever about it. Don got beat up by some old guys and Pete got back together with his wife. There was no Peggy in this episode. Sally made an appearance though. She’s 2 years older than me. Well, in current years that is. I figured it out once.

Earlier, I was looking over some photos that I have on my polamatic app.
Here is one of a cloud that looks like Dumbo, the flying elephant.


…and this is what I look like before I’ve had me coffee (I typed me on purpose. It makes you sound Irish) I look rather hideous.


…and here are my shoes.


…and this is me in a hurry. I must be running late; or getting sucked into some alternate dimension. I hope it’s the Twilight Zone.


…and now, I’m buying groceries at Wal Mart. As you can tell I’m on a diet. The cashier lady looks nice.


…and here is my America’s Next Top Model submission photo. Is that show still even on the air? I haven’t seen it in forever. Maybe that’s why I haven’t heard back from them.


Anyway, I have TONS of these stupid photos on that app. I always knew that one day they would come in handy.

Oh well, enough of that nonsense.

I have to go into work later. It’s truck day. Normally truck day is on Thursday, but it got changed to Wednesday. Now I’ve got to get used to it all over again on a different day. When I first got hired 3 years ago, they said that the most you would have to lift is 35 lbs. Well, they lied. Some of that stuff is over 100 lbs. I’m the oldest person who works there and I’m the one who has to do most of the grunt work. I don’t really mind though. I get assemble lovely furniture from places like Viet Nam, India and China. Viet Nam has the best quality. The stuff from India kind of stinks. Sometimes I’ll open a box from India and go, “Ewww, girlfriend, you need to throw some cologne on that shit before you box it up”.

We unbox everything and put it together outside. There really isn’t any room inside. Sometimes people will drive up and ask, “Are you throwing that stuff away”? I’m like, “Uck, really”? Can you not see that we just got a delivery? Can you not see that we are taking stuff OUT of boxes? Why would we then turn right around and throw it away? You must be on crack.

So anyway, I’m going to have to deal with all that mess today. Should be fun.

I finished my Ed McBain 87th Precinct book and have started a new one. It’s the first Matt Helm novel. I had stated in another post that I had read 12 books on my 100 books in a year quest. That was wrong. It’s actually 19. The Matt Helm book will be 20. I only started last month. It’s one of those Goodreads things. I’ve noticed that I read faster on my Kindle that when reading an actual book. You know, the paper kind. And I read faster on my iphone that I do on my Kindle. Weird, huh.

Anyway, I need to go now and catch up on the latest news of that Amtrak crash.


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