…and how was your boring weekend, Bob?

The weekend was average. Rainy and muggy. I had to work yesterday morning. Tagging for the new Summer Outdoor Furniture event. I also had to put up the new window clings. The window clings for this event were oddly shaped and included a multitude of pinwheels. It was ever so lovely. Especially in the rain and on a ladder. Oh yeah, and I had to tag a bunch of pillows with 20% off tags. How fun…and annoying.

I got the maximum amount of viggle points of Saturday. Viggle is an app that involves watching tv and getting various points. Then you can get free stuff like music, or movies. They also have stuff like Keurigs, ipads and tvs. I’m not quite there on the points yet. I do have enough to get a Kindle Fire Stick or a Blueray player. I’m saving for the ipad.

I watched basketball and the Billboard Awards yesterday. They were all right.

When I went to put out the trash this morning, a bunch of plaster had fallen from the ceiling in the garage. Stupid rain and humidity. I could have just left it there, but like a good citizen I cleaned it up.

Last night was the finale of Mad Men. I haven’t watched it yet. I already read about it online because I like spoilers.

So much for my boring weekend. Luckily we escaped all of those tornadoes.


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