Daily Prompt – To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

Sleep is one-third of our lives…blah blah blah. Write a post about it.

I sleep on my left side for the most part. I can’t sleep on my back or stomach. I have to have some type of music or audio playing. It has to be soporific music, such as shoegaze or dream pop.

I usually fall asleep right away. Within 5 minutes. I usually wake up from at least one dream. I try to remember it. I lay in bed and concentrate. “Okay, this happened and this happened. I will remember this when I wake up in the morning”. …and then I totally forget. On occasion, I have actually gotten up and written them down. But that is just too much trouble, so it’s very rare that I do it.

I’m a very sound sleeper for the most part. One time I slept through tornado sirens AND a tornado that was less that 2 miles away. The next morning I was like, “What happened? What is all of this crap in the yard? Was there a bad storm”? My sister was like, “There was a tornado last night. Didn’t you hear the sirens going off? I got into the bathtub with the dog.”

“…and you didn’t bother to wake me up and let me know!?!?”

In my family it’s every man for himself.



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