Daily Prompt – State of Your Year

How is this year shaping up so far? Write a post about your biggest challenges and achievements thus far.

When I was 10 I got a Quija Board for Christmas. I asked it when the world was going to end. The spirits said 2014. So, I never really thought I’d make it this far. I remember when people were freaking out about the 12/12/12 thing. I was like, “Unh uh, you guys are so dumb. We still have over a year left”.

Anyway, none of that happened. I don’t think. That metaphysical part of me says, “You’re a ghost. Everything is an illusion now”. The regular, allegedly practical side scoffs and says, “You are not Jan Brady at the slumber party, telling ghost stories. Wake up and get real.”

So far, this year has been pretty much middle of the road. No tragedies (knock on wood), or life changes. Well, my stepfather died about 3 months ago. I guess that’s kind of a tragedy. Actually, it was kind of surprising. Thirty-five years ago he had a major bypass surgery and the doctors gave him maybe 5 more years. And he had diabetes. He took so many pills daily that I’m surprised he had time to do anything else. One time he was so close to death that they had to use one of those rescue helicopters. He made it. He had so many close calls like that. This time it didn’t work out. He collapsed in a casino and the desertnext day he was gone. He lived in St. Louis, but was buried in Las Vegas next to my mother. They were Vegas people. He had only been in St. Louis for about 2 years. I’m sorry that he’s gone, but glad that my mom has company now. I felt so creepy about the fact that she was out there in the desert all by herself. It made me sad. Now, I’m okay with it.
I haven’t really had any big challenges of achievements this year. None that you could see or measure on the surface. I’m not really a stressful type of person. Type B, ya know. Actually, more like c if there is such a thing. People are freaking out about stuff and I’m like, “What?”
Sometimes, people think I’m heartless and have no compassion. Like when something bad happens and it’s all over the news.

Them: I can’t believe all of those people died in that tragic accident.
Me: People die every day. Why are these people so different that they deserve news coverage?

But it’s kind of true. I always thought it was so surreal that one specific news story could cause such an uproar and be talked about all over social media. Stuff like that happens all over the world every day. And it’s never mentioned. Like it doesn’t matter. So why does this one matter?

So yeah, people think that I don’t care. But that’s not true. I just don’t go around talking about what a travesty something is, just for the sake of conversation, and then totally forgetting about it a week later. If you’re really concerned about some tragedy, or horrible event, you might want to keep it with you for more than a week; or maybe try to do something about it. Maybe help in some way, no matter how small.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I DID lose 15 lbs. this year. That’s something.



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