Memorial Day Weekend

memorial dayAnother Saturday. If you live in the U.S., it’s Memorial Day weekend. I’m such a big goofball that all last week I was wishing people a happy 4th of July. Until 3 years ago, I got Memorial Day and Labor Day mixed up. Finally, I had to come up with a mnemonic device. Memorial Day is in May. Both start with the letter M. Problem solved. No more looking like an unpatriotic nimrod. Except for when I confuse Memorial Day with the 4th of July.

Work was okay today. I really hate working of Saturday, but that’s life in the big city. At my job they call me Bee Oh Bee. The don’t say my name, they spell it out. I’ve gotten so used to it that it sounds weird when someone at work calls me Bob. The do it because me name sounds like the manager’s name, so whenever someone said either one of our names, we both would turn around and say, “What”? Now, that doesn’t happen.

After work I got food from Schlotzskys. I don’t know if I spell that right, but that’s what they get for giving the place such a dumb name.
When I got home I watched the last half of Back to the Future 3. Not a  big fan, but that’s what was on tv and I was not in charge of the remote.
At six we started watching the hockey game, and then at 7 changed it to basketball.

I got tons of viggle points today. Viggle is an app where you get points for watching tv. You can get all kinds of free stuff with the points. Music, movies, etc. They even have ipads, cookware and keurigs. Stuff like that. I have enough points now to get a Blueray player, but I’m saving for the ipad. I would have a lot more points, but I already got about 7 cds.

I’m off tomorrow. That’s grocery shopping day, which I absolutely ABHOR with a passion. We do the shopping at Wal Mart. We shop at the one that’s quite a few miles away because the one down the street is so ghetto with a capital G. I mean big time. For some reason, the Wal Marts around here don’t play music in the store anymore. How depressing. You need bright, happy music when you’re shopping. I usually play the music on my iphone. Sometimes people look around like, “Where’s that music coming from”? My pants, that’s where it’s coming from.

I guess that’s it. I’d better go to bed so I can be all bright and cheery for frickin’ shopping in the morning.


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