There sure is some scary weather tonight. There have been tornadoes in various spots. A lot of people are without power. There is a big line of storms with wind up to 70 knots, I had to look it up in mph. 80.55. We were directly in the line of fire. It was supposed to hit around 8:30. It rained and there was some thunder, but nothing like I was expecting.

Hot Springs got hit kind of bad. They had trees down with damage to houses. Some other places too. It looks like it kind of skipped over us. That’s good. We still have power. KNOCK ON WOOD!!! The lights flickered twice

Well, that’s it for the weather.

Work was really busy today. Everybody decided they wanted to decorate their house on Memorial Day. Go figure. I looked at so many out-of-focus pictures of couches and bedrooms and hallways that it wasn’t even funny. Here’s a tip. Just bring in a swatch, or a pillow, or some kind of color chart. Iphone pics just don’t cut it.

TV was mostly the weather all night. All of the 7 o’clock shows were blocked out. It was just weather maps and weather guys telling you to get in your safe place. I switched to the basketball game at 8. They cut into that with that warning thing and that loud emergency broadcast beeping. TORNADO WARNING! TAKE COVER! I was like, “Oh shit”. I changed it to the local channel 7 and found out that it was for north of us. Then I went back to the game. Curry took a really bad spill. I thought he was knocked out. But, he finally got up.

The Emergency Flash Flood thing just popped up on my phone. Scared the crap out of me. That thing is so damn loud. I have my phone plugged into one of those loading docks, so it’s a hell of a lot louder than with just that crappy little iphone speaker. The ground around here is already saturated to hell. Good thing I live on a hill.

I had a weight watchers meatloaf meal for dinner. Ain’t I special.


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