Work was pretty groovy. A good workday overall.

The rain has stopped. Fairly humid today. Some people at work had slight damage to their area.

New shows started tonight. I didn’t watch them yet. They’re on the dvr. I watched 500 Questions and Hell’s Kitchen.

Today was my biggest day for wordpress stats. It was because of that Jeopardy post. That’s what gets me my stats. All kinds of people look that stuff up on google. That’s why I do it. Just to see how many people look that stuff up and get directed to or click on my site. Not that the stats are that big of a deal. I do it all for me. For fun. And to learn. Sometimes you come across some interesting people. I don’t really read a lot of other people’s blogs, but when I do, it’s usually the ones where people post about their day. Just the everyday stuff. Pictures of their trips and yards and home life. Stuff like that.

vcrSpeaking of dvrs (two paragraphs ago), remember vcrs? Well, of course you do. I miss them. I miss taping all of my favorite shows and movies on vcr, labeling them, and then tossing them in a closet or drawer or wherever. When it came time to watch something that I really wanted to watch, I could never find the tape.

I really have an urge to watch that one Designing Women episode. I know the tape that it’s on is around here somewhere.

Three hours later. Still looking.

I had this one movie. Meet Me in St. Louis. My favorite. I also had a vcr with an automatic rewind. When the movie was over it would rewind and play it again. When I got the mumps on my 40th birthday (which sucked big time, you don’t even know), I had that movie in the machine playing over and over for a week and a half. That’s how long I was out with the mumps. After about a week, the picture was starting to look pretty bad. All grainy and color faded. I just laid on the couch and watched that movie over and over. I know that whole movie by heart.

Remember all of those awful and schlocky horror movies from the 80s? Weren’t they great. Sometimes, I would spend the whole weekend watching those things. I would rent a tom on them from the local video store. And never rewind them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anyway, I miss those tapes.

I had a friend who recorded almost every movie that came on tv. He said that in 50 years, when he was old and retired, he would have all kinds of movies to watch. I had to remind him that in 50 years that technology would be outdated and the only vcr around for him to play the tapes on would be in the Smithsonian. And all of his tapes would be in a landfill. As all of mine now are.

It’s all so different now. Digital and streaming. If I don’t have something tangible, like a record, or a cd, or a dvd, I feel as if I don’t really own it. Even though I paid for it. I can’t touch it. It’s in a computer or kindle fire or on the phone. It’s not the same.

Anyway, hasta.


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