Here Comes the Sun, and I say….it’s not all right

Work was rather strenuous today. It was a rather large truck order. And it was hot. I was hoping it would rain to cool things off. 7 hours straight in the hot sun. I got to unload, unwrap, assemble, and put up this.

I only got one bruise and one box cutter cut. It was on a finger fold and those are more irritating.

When I got home I watched Master Chef and the 1st hour of the basketball game. I’m more of a football fan, but basketball is okay. I used to like baseball, but lost interest. I don’t know why. I must not have been that passionate about it. I probably liked it to begin with because it was the only sport I played when I was a kid. I couldn’t hit all that well, but I could catch.

I’m kind of sore now. Oh yeah, and I got sunburned. My face and arms are red. Mostly my face. I tried to stay in the shade when I could, but that didn’t really work out to well. It’s not even summer yet and I’m already being a baby about it being hot. I like the cold weather. I much prefer 20 degrees over 90. I’m not a fan of the winter snow and ice – especially the ice – but the cold and wind doesn’t bother me at all.

Well, I’d better go wash my hands in hydrogen peroxide again, so I don’t get some weird box cutter disease. I have to buy the super large size now.



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