We’re busy. Yeah, right!

I had to work today.  I called for my call in shift. My boss was like, “We’re super-busy, get here as fast as you can”. Normally, you have 2 hours from the time you call in. Not today.  “Umm, okay, fine”, I said.

Of course when I got there it was nothing.

I didn’t get to eat lunch beforehand or anything. Good thing I had that Reece’s cup stashed in my locker. All melted and mushy. If I had left it in the refrigerator someone would have eaten it. Don’t put anything good in the frig or it will be GONE.

One time somebody spilled a bottle of banana peppers in there and didn’t clean it up (Why on earth would you even bring that crap to work?). The juice kind of coagulated to the bottom of the frig. One day I noticed that all of my sodas smelled funny when I took them out. Like jalapenos, or something. It was so gross. Whenever I took a sip I could smell it on the lid. At first I was all, “What is that ooky smell on my soda?” One day somebody finally cleaned it out. I would have, but it’s a small frig on the floor and I  can’t bend down that far to see that anything was even spilled in there. I would have had to gotten down on my knees and STILL bent over to see the stuff. When I open the frig, I just kind of feel around for stuff.

So, anyway…

When I got home I had Zaxbys; while I watched a dvr’ed Extreme Weight Loss show. Then I watched the Spelling Bee. They had co-champions again this year.

This whole week has been kind of busy. Sometimes I want to just go away by myself for a week. No work, no people, no traffic, no this, no that. I guess they have something like that. It’s called a vacation. I had one last year, but that was to my Cousin Heather’s wedding in Florida. Destin. The ocean was fun. I like the beach and the water. Sometimes I wonder WHY I don’t live on a beach somewhere. Oh yeah, it’s probably really expensive.

Oh well…


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