Typical Tuesday

I was off today. Didn’t do too much. It was a typical Tuesday. Did a blog post. Got hate mail. What else is new.

8tracksI made a playlist for 8tracks (click on the picture to go to it). I love that site. I have a few playlists that have gotten quite a few listens and likes. Most of them are the jazz/beatnik playlists. Who would have thought that would beat pop, indie, and country. Go figure. Speaking of hits, I got over 500 today on this site. Usually it’s about 50-100 a day during the week. About 30 t0 40 a day on the weekend. I don’t know why today was so different. A vast majority of the hits were on the Final Jeopardy post. Why today’s post? Anyway, not that it matters.

gordonI listened to Gordon Lightfoot most of the day. That’s a throwback. I got the digital album on Amazon for 5 bucks. I like when I’m home by myself all day and I can listen to whatever I want without someone criticizing my taste in music. What do they know? Most of the people I know, or am around, only listen to one or two kinds of music. I like all kinds of stuff. Probably because I was a music major and have performed in all kinds of different groups. I can’t discriminate. I’m always finding new stuff to like. I can listen to anything. Depending on my mood, of course.

For dinner, I made chicken strips in the microwave. It was pretty gross. I should have done them in the oven. Tonight I watched the first hour of America’s Got Talent. It’s not one of my favorites, but it’s kind of interesting. They always have that one big sob story. The one story that’s supposed to make you cry.
And then Howie says, “You, my friend, are going to be a star.”
And then the person gets booted before the finals and you never hear from them again. Maybe they do okay regionally and have tons of fame back home, but you usually don’t see or hear from them again. It’s sad really.
After that I watched Hell’s Kitchen. If I were on that show I would be the first one gone.

It’s kind of late, so guten nacht. 🙂

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