This is Thursday, right?

Last night was good. I got to see relatives that I haven’t seen in forever. I drank wine. I had to tell that stupid game show story again. I was on that thing 8 years ago and still people bring it up. I’ve told that story a hundred million times.

My Aunt Linda gave me two new hats. I needed them. The old ones are a mess. I wear them to cover up my bald head.

I got to listen to stories about the old days. I didn’t really tell any. I had 4 glasses of wine and was kind of tipsy. I didn’t want to slur my speech and look like an idiot. I pretty much stuck to one liners.

I had an extra long hug with Uncle Ed, which was…idk…different. It’s hard to explain. Ethereal, maybe. I kinda felt like I was in Jack Kerouac novel. Ed’s an old beatnik. He’s 76.

I’m currently listening to Louie, Louie. It’s on a mix tape. Now, it’s New Orleans by Gary U.S. Bonds.

tzoneAnyway, I have to work today. I hope it’s not too absolutely horrid. Sometimes I have to deal with the oddest people. Kind of like Twilight Zone-ish. It’s weird.

I just stare at them and think, “I am totally in a different dimension.”


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