Friday night windbag

Wowie kazowie. Today sure was a big day for stats. Well, for me that is. It was all the final jeopardy post. So far it’s almost 900.

I did the daily post question, but deleted it. I didn’t really have anything to say on the matter. I tried writing a poem, but that was a bust. Happily ever after is such an odd concept. It’s all relative. At first I was going to try to answer all of the daily post questions, but it’s just takes too much brain power. It’s like this Partridge Family episode I saw back in the day. It guest starred William Schallert. Dude has been around forever. Anyway, in the episode he was a traveling musician. Basically, modeled after Woody Guthrie. Of course, the Partridges find him and get him to perform shows. He agrees, but runs away omg 2before the performances. He finally makes them understand that he does music because it makes him happy. If he was to do it on a schedule, it takes the fun out of it. Anyway, that’s how it is with the daily post. Almost like a chore. Especially if you don’t really like the question. Oh sure, there are creative ways to do it. A poem; even a haiku. A picture, maybe. Wait, there’s a thought. A picture. That wouldn’t take up too much time. You don’t even really have to think about that. OMG, I’m a genius. See, that’s why you do blogs. So inspiration pops out, and you don’t even know that it’s happening. Geez Louise, what a long frickin’ paragraph.

Long paragraphs bore me. I’ll see one and go, “Really? I have to read all of that.” I know, shallow. Actually, probably just lazy. I like when stuff is symmetrical, with maybe a few pictures thrown in. Not a bunch of long-winded nonsense. Like this.

Work was okay. Fridays are strange. I don’t know what it is. After work I had Slim Chickens. It’s a chicken strip place. I don’t know if they have them everywhere or not. The employees are always friendly. I’ve always wondered if the name of the place is a play on Slim Pickens. idk.

schallertSo, speaking of William Schallert…two paragraphs ago. Dude is still alive. Not that he shouldn’t be. It just seems like he’s been around forever. He’s done almost everything. He was born in 1922, so that makes him, ugh, I don’t want to do the math, but, you know, really up there.

I always remember him most as Patty Duke’s father on The Patty Duke Show. What a blast that thing was. It’s actually one of the first tv shows that I remember watching. That, and a show called Karen.
Karen didn’t last very long. A year, maybe. The theme song was done by The Beach Boys. It’s kind of The Monkey’s Uncle-ish. The Monkey’s Uncle! What a fun song. The movie was kind of, idk, let’s just say I wasn’t a big fan. There’s just something about Tommy Kirk that always bothered me. Even when he was on The Hardy Boys back on the old Mickey Mouse Club. The Monkey’s Uncle wasn’t nearly as good as The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes. Now that’s a classic.

Here’s the Karen intro.

denningI totally forgot that Richard Denning was the father on that show. He was the governor on the old Hawaii Five-0. He was also in one of my favorite sci-fi movies called Target:Earth. Oh yeah, I think he was in The Creature From the Black Lagoon, too. He was kind of dreamy back in the day. ———————————————–>

Ya know, this was supposed to be a blog post about my day, but it’s turned into some kind of six degrees of separation thing.


I got that picture of Richard Denning off a site called Brian’s Drive-in Theater. It’s the most. He really keeps up with that thing. For instance, today is Chad Allen’s birthday. I never would have known if I hadn’t gone there. Chad was on that Our House show with Shannon Doherty and Wilford Brimley (who is also still alive, btw). He’s 41 (Chad, not Wilford).

I’m pretty sure I should stop this nonsense and go to bed. Oh, but before I do. Tonight I watched this show called Marriage Boot Camp:Reality Show Stars (or something like that). And let me tell you, this is not the kind of television that Edward R. Murrow was talking about when he gave that speech on the direction of television. No sir.


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