To Tingle or Not to Tingle

I HAD to change my blog theme. The other one looked too much like a teenage girl’s MySpace page. I liked the Twenty Ten theme. The print was big enough for me to read. I have the worst vision, so I have to have some bigger text. But, I think this one is more age appropriate. Now all I need is the age appropriate content. Yeah, well good luck with that.

American Pharoah won the Triple Crown. That’s pretty cool. I remember the last time a horse won the Triple Crown. I was 2o. That was oodles of years ago. I had hair and everything.

tingler 2It’s Saturday night and I have the house to myself. Do cartwheels. Whatever shall I do. I tried to find The Tingler online, for free. It’s not on YouTube. You gotta pay 2.99 or something. I have it on DVD, but I do not want to dig through that movie trunk to find it. It’s probably at the bottom anyway. I love that movie. The tingler is so fake. I howl with laughter. Not to mention that the premise is just downright ludicrous. But, Vincent Price is so mellifluous that he can make the biggest bunch of crap sound logical. He’s so convincing.

Oh, Vincent Price is talking. It must be true.

Anyway, I want to watch it, but, you know, LAZY ASS.

I looked on the Prelinger Archives to see if there was anything I wanted to watch, but the stuff…it’s so old. Not that that makes it bad. They have some fairly decent stuff. Like old tv shows. I mean REALLY old. Like before I was born. Those people from the 50s that were on those game shows; bless their poor little hearts. I guess everybody looked like that back then.
Oh, and the fabulous prizes they would win.

Congrats, you won a carton of cigarettes.

Well, hells bells, Loretta, I can retire now.

I just went outside to let the dog out and ran right into a big ass spider web. Just ugh. I seriously abhor ‘almost’ Summer. I’m a baby when it comes to the heat. Every time I watch a Tennessee Williams movie, or play, I’m like, “How are those people standing that heat?” I would have already keeled over. I could never be Blanche Dubois for Halloween.

So I got the spider web off of me. I think. Where was I?

Anyway, there’s this video on Prelinger Archives that is a hoot. It’s an employee video for Sears. It’s hosted by Vincent Price. Sears is going to be introducing fine art to the American public and he’s all talking about it.

It’s no Tingler, but, you know…
I started watching it and almost fell asleep.

I should seriously go do something else; like, not this. Ciao.


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