Sunday, but not so much a Fun Day

What a long day. I got up at 4:30. Work at 6. It was that inventory crap and of course the company hired to do it was not prepared. They didn’t have enough people. It was just a big mess and took forever.

It got up to 93 today. And, it was humid.

The Razorback baseball team won. The get to go to the World Series (college). That’s pretty cool. It was a decent game. I got to see most of it.

I watched the Tonys tonight. They always have a good show. The speeches are usually pretty good. Probably the best of all of the awards shows. I love watching the musical numbers. They’re always so much fun.
The only thing that was kinda goofy was the in memoriam section of the show. Josh Grobin sang. I don’t think that there is anybody else whose voice grates on my nerves more than his. His tone sounds so forced. Like he’s at a voice lesson and trying to sing opera. Anyway, not a fan. Personally, he’s an okay guy. I saw him on an episode of Who Do You Think You Are? He was okay on that because he didn’t sing.

WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? -- Pictured: "Who Do You Think You Are?" Logo -- NBC Photo

WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? — Pictured: “Who Do You Think You Are?” Logo — NBC Photo

WDYTYA? is a fairly decent show. I always find it funny that those people always get soconcerned for their relatives who died centuries ago. Sometimes, they cry over the hardships. Like stuff like that didn’t happen to people back then. Guess what. It happened to everybody. Sometimes they traced back to their 5 times great-grandfather. Do you know how many 5 times great-grandfathers you have? A bunch. I think it’s 64. They act like that one 5 times great-grandfather was the only one they had. What about the other 63. Why not cry over them, too?

Anyway, I was talking about the in memoriam. They flashed the people on the screen so fast you couldn’t even see who they were. Plus, Josh sang You’ll Never Walk Alone. I loathe that song. It’s so saccharine and dramatic. Jerry Lewis used to sing it at his telethon. It’s so over the top. I’m such a mean horrible person. One time I changed the words. I won’t say what to because somebody might read this. And if there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s hate mail.


I don’t know nothin’ about wearin’ no proper dress code.

Today, at work, Darrien wore this wrap thing on his head. He does that sometimes. He never follows dress code. I told him he looked like Prissy from Gone With The Wind. He had no clue who that was. Tragic! Especially since he kind of looks like a male version of her. One time I was talking about Tupac and he didn’t even know who that was. I’m sorry, but even if you were born AFTER somebody died, you should still know who there are. People existed before Beyonce, ya know.

I’m coming up on hour 20, so I should probably retire. In the immortal words of John Wilkes Booth, “Hasta la vista, Abey.”


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