It’s Me Name, Homey

Today was all right. ehh. One of those days that you forget about. The people I’m usually surrounded by are so sublunary. It’s so hard to find people with similar interests. Especially around here. I suppose I could try harder to find them. I didn’t have that problem when I lived in Las Vegas. There were tons of diverse people. Here…not so much. It’s almost like one mindset.

I’m good at faking it though. Pretending I’m interested when they talk. Only half listening. It’s the same 3 or 4 topics over and over. It’s so bizarre how they insult you – right to your face – and don’t even know they’re doing it.

There’s this one guy who talks about the same 3 things over and over again. He will not shut up. You can hear his voice a mile away. I almost feel like a psychic because I always know what he is going to say and when he is going to say it. The other day he made an extremely hateful homophobic remark. I remember thinking, “What am I, fucking invisible? I’m standing right here.” He’s one of those people who ‘keeps it real’. I hate that expression ‘keeping it real’. You’re not keeping it real, you’re just being a jerk, and a bully, and an inconsiderate asshole. People and their damn diatribe. I swear!  He’s always asking me questions about Las Vegas. The sin and all that mess. He’s one of those people who thinks it’s just strip clubs, gambling, alcohol and drug abuse. I lived there for almost 20 years. It’s just a regular city. People always believe that crap they see on tv.

Here I am being bumptious again. I should switch directions, I suppose. But, hey, if you can’t put that crap in a blog, then where can you put it? Surely not in that handwritten diary I started umpteen years ago. I’m pretty sure I’ve almost forgotten how to write. It’s not as automatic for me anymore. If I do write, the only thing I do is sign my name.

I always sign my name with a smiley face. If I use Bob, that is.

bob sig

Sometimes, I even put a body on it.

bob body

People are like, “What the hell is this?”
It’s me name, homey! I like to mix Irish and urban 90s.

I have 2 different signatures. It’s weird. Totally different. Like Jekyll and Hyde. One is just kind of normal and one is frickin’ ornate, all-over-the-place, some kind of scribble. Really flamboyant. I’ve had problems with it. One time I had to sign something and they checked my ID. They compared the signatures. That’s not you. It took me a while to convince them it was. I don’t know where the 2 different styles come from. Maybe it’s that each side of my brain has it’s own signature. idk.

robert starWhen I was in high school, and I signed my name Robert – that’s before I decided I abhored Robert and started making everyone call me Bob – I used to make the T into a star. I don’t have any i’s in my name, so I couldn’t do that ♥ tittle thing. So, I decided to do something with the T. Most of my teachers hated it. I didn’t care. My English teacher told me to stop doing it, so I started writing my name backwards instead.

robert backwards

Some people have no sense of humor, or imagination.

Well, Monday is almost over, so I should go. Auf Wiedersehen!


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