Auto-Pilot Thursday

Yesterday was okay. The sky was pretty groovy. Big poofy clouds.
I was outside for almost 6 hours. It was 95. I had to keep hydrating. Every once in a  while a cloud would block the sun. Respite from old Sol. I applaud the cloud deities.

I look like farmer Joe now. Brown forearms, brown face, brown neck. But, it’s supposed to rain today. I was cursing the rain 2 weeks ago. It just wouldn’t stop. Now, I welcome it.

coconut mochaCold coffee is bleeeeeeccccckkkkk! It’s coconut mocha, my fave; except for when it gets cold.

I really like my keurig. I just hate having to fill it with water after every few cups. I keep the jugs of water in the garage. I don’t always keep up with making sure there is a backup in the kitchen. That blue light comes on and I’m like, “Really? I gotta put on shoes and go outside.”
Dont’ get Butter Toffee. It tastes like you’re drinking movie popcorn butter. Ewww.

You talk too much nonsense. I make you have bad day.

You talk too much
nonsense. I make
you have bad

I’m hoping that today is sedate I’m not in the mood for surprises, or mess. Those sticky situations that make it mandatory to perform at a higher level or make you use your brain more. I’m in an auto-pilot mood. Just kind of stumble through the day. No problems. Of course in saying that, I’m pretty sure I just invoked some sort of cosmic voodoo to F up the day.

I’m still getting used to Thursday being drive-thru take-out night. It used to be Wednesday, but my work schedule got changed and goofed up the routine. So now, everything is flip-flop. Not that I don’t like change. I can deal with it. Besides, it just dinner, not something horridly tragic.

I have to work early today. I hope nobody ate those candy bars that I have stashed in the frig at work. Ciao.


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