The Chefs Pants State

Yeah, I never should have talked about wanting my day to be on auto-pilot. That stupid voodoo guy hexed my for sure. It was not an easy day.

work 1

Anyway, I survived.

I ate too many sweets today. For that, I am admonishing myself.

I was watching basketball earlier and LeBron James fell and hit his head on a courtside camera.


lebron 1

At first I thought he was just being a drama queen, but he actually had a fairly nasty cut. I had to rewind it a few times to watch it again. I didn’t really have to because they kept showing it over and over in show motion.

I keep trying to figure out if this is the last season or Bones, or not. They’re kind of setting it up like it is. Anyway, I was playing the Viggle trivia for Bones earlier and this question popped up.


Okay, first of all, they never actually moved to Paris, and second…
PARIS IS NOT A COUNTRY. It’s the capital of France. Geez people, get your stuff right.

There was a question the other day about Billy Ray Cyrus. Some people answered that his daughter was Lady Gaga; even though Miley Cyrus was one of the answers. *rolls eyes* Really???

Oh yeah, and when I was doing the Grease trivia, some people answered that Christopher Walken sang the Grease song. Public education, I swear.

It’s so funny. Every time I see the word ‘Grease’, I still see a car. Like they show in the animated intro. It does kind of look like a car doesn’t it? It’s kind of one of those can’t unsee things for me. Just like there being a chef holding a pan of chicken in the middle of the United States.


I live in the chefs pants state.

Anyway, I think I’ve done enough damage for tonight. Kwaheri.




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