Whatever happened to Giovanni?

Another Sunday has come and gone. It was fairly typical.

Did grocery shopping in the morning. I try to make it a game out of it since I hate it so much. You know, like Julie Andrews and her dumb ass spoon full of sugar. It may work on those Banks kids, but it sure doesn’t help me any. All I get is that stupid song stuck in my head.

♫ For every job to be done there is an element of fun. ♫

Which element would that be? Radium?

I had some kind of sausage for lunch. It was okay. I tried not to overdo it today. Yesterday, I went beyond my limit. I don’t know why. I’m usually good at controlling what I eat. Every once in a while I just kind of go a little bonkers with it. Today I kept it in check.

I watched tv most of the day. Soccer, baseball, women’s basketball and men’s basketball (the NBA finals). I used to not be such a sports fan. I don’t know what happened. All of a sudden I just started liking it. Like when I was 10 and went from hating mashed potatoes to loving them. Weird how that works. I still like football the best. I just like seeing guys run around knocking each other over.

I’ve always liked boxing though. When I worked at the MGM Grand I met quite a few of them. Boxers and managers and coaches. I’ll never forget seeing Evander Holyfield’s ear in person. The one that Tyson took a chunk out of. Real close up. I was waiting on him in the VIP room at a restaurant I worked in. I remember thinking, “Wow, that’s kind of cool.”

I met a lot of celebrities when I worked at the MGM. After a while you’re like, “eh, whatever”. I was always impressed by the lesser known celebs, or ex-celebs. The ones that weren’t really famous anymore. One time I was at a bar called Gipsy. It used to be a dive and more local. Then it got all touristy and they fixed it up and made it all fancy. It wasn’t really that much fun after that. I’ll never forget the first time I walked in there. Finally by Cece Peniston was playing.

It was the first time I had ever heard it. Every time I hear it now it reminds me so much of early 90s Vegas. Boy, do I have some wild stories about those days.

gipsyAnyway, one night I was in Gipsy and they were having a drag show. They had a guest judge. It was Johnny Whitaker. I turned to my friend Giovanni and said, “Hey, that’s Jody from Family Affair.” He was like, “Who’s that?” Giovanni was from Milan and hadn’t been in the U.S. for very long. A few years maybe. So, I had to explain the premise of Family Affair to him and how Johnny Whitaker fit into it.

I had met Giovanni at work. We became friends. When I first met him he was dating a girl. I can’t remember her name. One day he confided in me that he was gay. He was only dating her to keep up appearances with his family. He shared an apartment with his dad, who spoke very little English. After our conversation he asked me to take him to a bar. He’d always wanted to go, but was afraid to go by himself. So, we went. It was about on our third or fourth trip that Johnny Whitaker was there as the drag show judge.
Giovanni ended up dating a guy named Jeff and they moved in together.

Here is a picture of us that was taken in a photobooth at an arcade.

bob and gio

Giovanni is the one sticking out his tongue. I’m on the left and Jeff is in the back.

Anyway, on that same night, we were playing Air Hockey. Giovanni hit the puck so hard that it flew off the table and smacked some guy in the head. He bent over and was holding his head. He was there with his kids and one of them started crying because her dad got hurt. His wife was there too. Jeff ran over to the concession area and got some ice for the guys head. We profusely apologized. He turned out to be okay. When we left he still had the ice on his head.
That picture is kind of a premonition on how the night would turn out. Teenagers wreaking havoc. Only, we were in our 20s and 30s.

We had a lot of fun times together. And some strange times, too. Real Strange. Eventually Jeff and Giovanni moved to Colorado. Jeff was a jeweler with some company (I can’t remember which one) and got transferred. We lost contact. That happened a lot when I lived in Vegas. It’s such a transient town that your BFFs just kind of disappear one day. It’s kind of sad really.

I think that’s it for tonight. I’m kind of missing Vegas and it’s making me sad.


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