Not Just Ennio Tuesday

The past two days at work have been kind of Twilight Zone-esque. Just odd, difficult and out of the way weird stuff. It’s like somebody put some strange drug in the drinking water. idk.

Yesterday I got over 2000 hits. I did the same on Friday. Not that I put stats as a priority, but when they get that high (for me that’s a lot), you really notice it and you want them to keep going higher. It’s a game for me. ¬†Considering I only have about 70 something followers, that’s pretty good.

I have over 7000 followers on Tumblr. One of my posts has over a half million hits. I haven’t been on there in a while. Not since I started going this. It’s hard going back and forth between the two. They’re so different.

ennioTonight when I was watching basketball, they showed the Modelo Especial commercial. They use the Ecstacy of Gold song in it. That is such a genius piece of composition. Ennio Morricone is the best.

All of the music from that movie is great. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Poor homeboy Eli Wallach (from TGTBATU) died just last year. The 24th of this month will be one year. I especially liked him in The Misfits. Now there’s a depressing movie. I love it, but I have to be in the mood for it.

I found a coke bottle with my name on it today. Oh yeah, I already posted that. Never mind.

The kid next door dribbled his basketball in the driveway all this morning. Drove me crazy.

OMG, there was this guy on American’s Got Talent tonight who was so amazing.

They cut off the end where he does the handstand. It was the best part.

My friend Melody was on that show a few years ago. She and her partner did Wild West stunts. At one point she was the no. I female sharpshooter in the country. She’s also done stunt work in movies. She can also trick ride on a horse, among other things. She’s amazing.
They made it through the first round, but got canned in the second. They did an act with dogs and the judges didn’t like it. I haven’t seen her since I left Vegas. We had some fun times together.

Yesterday, at the AFB, there was a shooting. Some guy who keeps trying to get on the base to see somebody. My sister was out there when it happened, so she has more details about it than they showed on the news. Apparently, the guy thinks that the govt. planted some kind of listening/surveillance device in his yard and he’s been trying to get on the base to see somebody about it. Anyway, I guess he got violent, because they shot him. My sister said in the head. She also said he’s still alive. Anyway, that’s all the details I could get out of her. The base was on lockdown for a while.

I guess that’s it for now. Ciao.

Oh, here’s a cartoon I did today. It’s a 1970 flashback.



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