Dimension that it’s Thursday?

This morning, I woke up with (Last Night) I Didn’t Get To Sleep At All by The 5th Dimension stuck in my head. I don’t where it came from. I slept fine. I only got up once; from a strange dream.

last nightSo, I had to go to wikipedia and look up the info.

I like the 5th Dimension okay. I think I have one of their cds somewhere. If I’m not mistaken, I think I originally bought it because of that song.

Another one of their songs is Up, Up and Away. It was written by Jimmy Webb. He also wrote By the Time I Get To Phoenix, Wichita Lineman, and MacArthur Park.

MacArthur Park! Now there’s an odd song. I still don’t really get it. Somebody leaving the cake out in the rain and all the green icing flowing down. I can’t decided if I should take it literally, metaphorically, or a little of both.

Baking tip: Green frosting/icing out of a can WILL stain your fingers…and mouth and tongue.

Anyway, about Up, Up and Away. One time, years ago, I went up in a hot air balloon. It was tethered. I don’t know how many feet it went up, but it was pretty far. It was one of those Vegas attractions. Go up in the balloon and see all of Vegas. It was at night. And windy. The operator was new. The balloon started to rock back and forth, hitting the cable violently. I thought it was going to snap. I was like, “FUCKKKKKKKK!!!!”. It got more windy. The balloon kept rocking back and forth smashing into the cable. Eventually, the ground crew got us back down. They were yelling at each other, trying to steady the thing. Grab this cable, do this, do that.
Well, the point of me telling all of this is: they were playing that song over the balloons’ sound system when we were rocking violently and I thought I was going to die. It was kind of funny in a way. It’s such a happy fun song and dying is not.

So, we disembarked – or whatever you do on a hot air balloon – and went back into the center where you purchase the tickets. We had two options. Get our money refunded, or wait until the wind died down and get another ride. I got my money back. Everybody wanted their money back, except for a family of four; Mom and Dad and the two kids. They wanted to ride again. Oh well, you did come to Vegas to gamble, I suppose.


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