Meditations upon a Thursday

So, I watched The Astronaut Wives Club tonight. Didn’t we already do this with a thing called Pan Am? Look what happened to that. I’m not saying that this will have the same fate, but…

Period shows are okay. Mad Men was great. Well, the first five seasons were. The last 2 seasons weren’t awful. I still liked it. What messed it up for me is when they brought that Megan chick in. The series finale wasn’t what I expected, but what ever is.

This is my favorite scene ever from Mad Men.

new york schoolI love Frank O’Hara. And Meditations in an Emergency. And Mayakovsky. I love the New York School of poetry. It’s so in the time.
Rumor has it that Meditations in an Emergency is a take on John Donne’s Devotions upon Emergent Occasions; which contains that No Man is an Island poem.

My second favorite poem by O’Hara is The Day Lady Died.

Another of my faves from that era is Kenneth Rexroth.


I also adore Wallace Stevens. I’m sure I’d love him even more if I understood what he was talking about half the time. It took me forever to figure out The Emperor of Ice Cream.

Let the lamp affix it’s beam.
The only emperor is the emperor of ice-cream.

That’s right, I remember stuff.


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