Daily Prompt – All About Me

Explain why you  chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

I chose The Bob Files because, well, no. 1 my name is Bob; and no. 2 the posts are kind of like files. I have various sections.
beatnikThe Bob Files: which is like a journal, or diary. Stuff that happens day to day and reflections of the past. Sometimes, there is a tie-in. Stuff that happens in the present that triggers memories of the past. I’m not really a writer, but blogging helps with the writing skills. Also, it’s therapy.
The Daily Prompt: This thing. What I’m doing now.
Final Jeopardy: I watch Jeopardy and post the Final Jeopardy question. I do it because people google that junk and it raises my stats.
Weekly photo challenge: Because it’s kind of a fun challenge.
Music, Movies, and Radio: I like old-time radio shows. There are tons of them on the Prelinger Archives. The same with out-of-copyright movies. I like putting it on my blog because they are easier to find if I want to watch, or listen.

I don’t really have a particular goal in mind. It’s more of a miscellany.The Bob Files is just a place to put stuff. It keeps the creative juices flowing. I also have a poetry blog. I keep it separate. I already have enough junk on here to clog it up.



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