Father’s Day

Well, today was Father’s Day. It’s the first Father’s Day since my stepfather Carl died and the 35th since my real father died. I didn’t really feel anything. Everybody was posting stuff on Facebook and Instagram. Some people paid homage to their dead fathers. I had a few cousins who did that. They posted old pictures. I makes me feel weird to do that. Like when somebody who’s dead still has a Facebook page and it pops up ‘today is (dead person’s) birthday’. That creeps me out to no end. It makes me feel like I’ve seen a ghost.

I won’t do it on Facebook, but I’ll do it here. It’s different on WordPress. I don’t really know why; it just is. WordPress is more intimate. You’re more anonymous. It’s not really a big social circus. I can’t thrust my dead dad into the center ring. I just can’t do it.

Anyway, here’s a picture of my dad in 1959. He was 21.


Here’s the rest of the family. My dad, my mom (22) and me (2). My sister wasn’t born yet.

He came from a family of 9 kids; 5 girls and 4 boys (one boy and 4 girls are still alive). He was born in 1938 and was a Viet Nam vet. His name was Rollan, but everybody called him Sam. He died in 1980 from heart failure. He was 43.


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  1. Thanks for sharing these with us!


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