Daily Prompt – Toy Story

What was your favorite plaything as a child? Do you see any connection between your life now, and your favorite childhood toy?

I was one of those kids who wanted everything for Christmas. My sister would ask for 3 things and I would ask for 50.

I want this and I want this and I want this and I’ve got to have this…

I would usually get most of it.

What I really wanted was a Charlie McCarthy ventriloquist dummy. I asked for it 3 years in a row…and never got it. Good thing too. They creep me out now. My parents must have had some kind of insight into that.

Since I was such a toy hog and wanted everything, it’s really hard to pick one thing.

frightI spent a lot of time with the Thingmakers. Creeple People, Incredible Edibles, Fright Factory… I liked the smell of the goop.

They were really quite dangerous. Electicity. Hot metal plates. I got a few burns.

I was also a fan of the Spirograph. I was never satisfied with my design, so I kept adding to it. It would turn into a big black blob of ripped up paper. Sometimes, I would do a design I liked and hang it up on the wall. I quickly used up all the paper that it came with, so I used lined paper that I had ripped out of a notebook. Spirograph designs on notebook paper are kinda ghetto.

hotwheelsI was also big into Hot Wheels. I would lay that orange track all over the house. I would start in my bedroom and have it run into the living room. Most of the time I wouldn’t use the cars. I would use marbles. They would go flying off the track. I was big into the loops.

I usually didn’t have enough track, so my friends would come over with their track and we would put them all together. When it came time for them to leave we would argue.

That’s my track. NO, it’s mine. Nuh uh, it’s MINE!

I’ll never forget. One time I really, really, REALLY wanted this thing called the Electro Shot Shooting Gallery…by MARX! . They showed the commercial every day on tv. It was in black and white. I circled it in the Sears catalog and drew arrows pointing to it. That meant I really wanted it BAD.

Anyway, about a week before Christmas I was getting my coat out of the hall closet. There it was on the top shelf. Unwrapped. I was so excited. Later, when I was outside in the front yard, I told my friend Carlton that I was getting it for Christmas. My mom was in the kitchen and overheard our conversation. She opened the front door and yelled…


Big mouth.

She was pissed.

You’re not getting it now. I’m taking it back.

But mommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
And then I started crying, because that’s how I was back then. A big frickin’ crybaby.
Then she sent me to my room.

Anyway, I still got it for Christmas. Then got bored with it after 10 minutes.

I remember getting a G.I. Joe the first year it came out. I was 7. I played with that thing a lot. I had it until I was 14. When my mom finally got rid of it (because we were moving) he had lost his clothes and was missing a left arm. He was the only one I ever had.

I had a lot of toys growing up. Some of them quite dangerous. I didn’t really have a favorite and I don’t really see any connection with my life now. Except for maybe…well, I’m still kind of I want this and I want this and I’ve got to have this… Only, I don’t circle it in the Sear’s catalog. I just go out and buy it.



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