Too Hot Tuesday

It’s only 3 days into Summer and I already hate it. Well, it is my least favorite season. People around me are, “Oh, I love Summer”… blah blah blah. I just don’t do well in the heat. Today was especially horrid. 96 and very humid. ugh.

Anyway…over it.

A tad bit of controversy with the Final Jeopardy post today. A few people didn’t agree with the answer, so I got comments about. At first I tried to explain why the answer was correct, but you know how people are…they don’t want to listen to logic. So, after about 10 comments I got sick of it all and deleted all of them. Comments, that is. Anyway, ugh…again.

Oh wow. Four ellipses in one sitting. Probably used improperly. I feel like one of those people who latches onto a word and uses it in ever other sentence.

enoughDick van Patten died today. I always like him. He was 86. I always thought that was a strange age to die. Kind of oddly prophetic in a way. You were 86ed when you were 86. I think that’s kinda funny. It’s like being 40 and dying on the back 40.

I loved that show Eight in Enough. I used to watch that thing all the time. I would tape the episodes on my vcr. I even remember all of the words to the theme song.

I found out about it via a Marie Osmond instagram. That’s kind of weird.

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother making a post when I have absolutely nothing to say (not that Dick van Patten is nothing, but you know what I mean).Ciao.


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