It’s Friday again

I had to work early today. Here is a picture i took when I got to work.


We had to set up for the 4th of July event. I had to put up window clings. It was so humid I was soaked by the time I was finished. I ran into a wasps nest when I was doing one of the clings. I was hoping no one was home. But, they were. I was 6 feet above the ground on a ladder and was hoping that they wouldn’t bother me. They didn’t. I didn’t bother them either.

Had pizza for dinner. Pizza Hut. No, it wasn’t the one with the hot dogs in the crust. That is just…ewwww. I guess there are people that like that though.

Watched women’s soccer on tv. Then Mysteries at the Museum. It’s been raining pretty hard off and on for the past few hours. Thunder and lightning. The power went out twice; only for a short time.

I guess that’s it.

Oh yeah, the gay marriage thing happened today. I’m kind of sick of seeing rainbows all over my Facebook. People were posting on Twitter that they were moving to Canada. Ummm, okay. Anyway, I doubt if I’ll be getting married any time soon ever.


ps. I was going to title this post WASP vs. wasp, but I figured that was kinda tacky.

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