It’s Thursday again

Well, the 4th of July is coming…in 2 days. I have to work part of the day but we get time and a half, so okay.

I’ll never forget the time that I was spending the 4th at my grandparent’s house. My dad’s parents. That side of the family is a little bit more rural than my mom’s side.
Anyway, some of my cousins (Mitchell and Jeff) and I had some firecrackers. Somebody – I can’t remember who – said, “Hey, lets blow something up”. So, we went into the house and got some eggs out of the refrigerator. We tapped a hole into the top of one of the eggs and stuck a firecracker in it. They we lit it. The egg just kind of disintegrated. One minute it was there and they next it was just gone. Of course, there was yolk and stuff all over the wall. We were like,”Ummm, we should do this outside.” So, we went outside and blew up all of the eggs. Yeah, we kind of got in trouble for that.

Then there was the one time that I was driving around with friends. We were shooting bottle rockets out of the sunroof. One of the bottle rockets didn’t make it out the window. It hit the edge of the roof and came back in the car. Teenage boys were screaming like little girls.

Oh my God! Do something. Get it out of here. It’s going to blow up in the car!

We got so lucky because it turned out to be a dud.
Then we stopped doing it.

It’s kind of strange how over the past 5 or so years, the festivities for the 4th have stopped for me. When I lived in Vegas I had tons of friends and we would do all kinds of stuff. I don’t have that many friends in this town. That’s my fault of course. Somewhere along the way I turned into an old maid recluse.
Last year around this time, I was in Destin, Fla. for my Cousin Heather’s wedding. That was a fun trip. I love the ocean and the beach. I spent a lot of time in the water. But this town is just kind of … blah. There isn’t really that much to do. Sometimes, I’ll go downtown and look at the old buildings. That’s what I like about downtown. They don’t really do that much with it. If something is old and decrepit, they just let it stay that way. There has been a tad bit of gentrification, but nothing really that noticeable.I like it better that way.

One of my favorite places is the Fulk Building. it was built in 1900. The details of the architecture are Romanesque revival. It was designed by an unknown architect. That’s creepy to me. It seems like that should be on record somewhere.Anyway, the bottom floor is a millitary surplus store now. The top two floors are vacant (and I’ll just bet they’re haunted). Sometimes, they stick this mannequin, or whatever it is, out front.


And the backside of the building looks like it could have been where Romeo wooed Juliet.


Here are some more pictures from the area:

In my town we have one of those big ‘Before I Die’ chalkboards. You’re supposed to write about your dreams and stuff on it. In one of the pictures you can see the last part of SEE THE WORLD!. I wrote that. Of course it got erased a long time ago. The pictures are from a few years back..

Gee, all I was going to do was write about the time we blew up the eggs in grandma’s house and it turned into this. Oh well. Sayonara


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