Confessions of an Ex Movie Fanatic

So yesterday, my sister dragged me to go see Magic Mike XXL. I really wasn’t feeling all that well, but went anyway. I had already seen the first one. I got dragged to that one too. I guess I shouldn’t say dragged. No one held a gun to my head.

Anyway, it was all right, I guess. For that kind of movie. There really wasn’t much of a plot, but I guess that doesn’t really matter. There were a few parts that were amusing.

I’m not a big fan of going to the movies. I used to be. When I was a kid I was a movie fiend. Sometimes, I would see the same movie every day for 2 weeks. I went to see the Poseidon Adventure every day for 3 weeks when it came out. After the 3rd week I was so sick of that movie. I did the same thing with The Towering Inferno. Three weeks. And that movie is over 3 hours long. I was a big disaster movie freak back them.

Sometimes, I would sit in the theater all day long and watch the same movie 3 or 4 times. I did that with The Summer of ’42.

I used to love double features. Especially if they were horror movies. I’ll never forget the time I saw Gruesome Twosome and Night of the Living Dead and was too scared to walk home. The theater was only 4 blocks from my house, but in the dark it seemed like 4 miles. I finally got enough nerve to walk home, but was petrified the whole time. Every time I heard a noise I thought it was a zombie coming after me.

When I was 7, my parents took me to see Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte. Even now it creeps me out. But back then, I was traumatized by it. Every night when I went to bed I would think about it. I would completely cover up my whole body with the sheets. I thought that any exposed parts would be hacked off with an ax. To this day I am petrified of Bruce Dern and Joseph Cotten (when he’s dead in the water, and then comes down those stairs). Stupid movie.

So anyway,I used to adore going to the movies. Now, I hate it. I don’t know what happened.


OMG, now I’m going to have to sleep completely covered up.


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  1. Oh yes, thanks for sharing–just before midnight ! Hope my dogs are capable of taking on a Zombie! Royal Poinciana


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