Final Jeopardy for 7/06/15

Final Jeopardy for July 6, 2015

Category : The Oscars

“Gladiator” is close, but this film has the earliest historical setting of any Best Picture Oscar winner

Answer : What is Ben-Hur


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  1. I think a better answer is Cleopatra which won best picture in 1934. Cleopatra pre-dated the supposed time period of Ben-Hur (during the time of Christ)


  2. I questioned this, too. Even earlier in historical setting was “The Ten Commandments” set about 1,000 years before “Ben Hur” in the time of Moses and the Pharaohs, and won the Best Picture Oscar in 1957. What am I missing here??


  3. Actually I was confused at first on IMDB website, but when I looked closer it was correct. You have to look at the faint line just below the word Oscar. The larger box states nominated for.


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