It’s Monday…again

mondaySo, it’s Monday again. The 4th of July weekend is over. I didn’t really do anything. Sue’s friend, Deb, came over on the 4th and we barbecued some steaks. That was fun. We also watched women’s soccer. I had worked earlier in the day.

I worked last night. When I got off I went to Wal Mart. I came across the most mean and hateful cashier that I have ever experienced in my life. That Wal Mart that I go to down the street has some pretty horrid people that work there, but this girl was just the worst. She was so awful to the old lady in front of me. I felt so bad for her (the old lady). She wasn’t much better with me. When I left I was like, “Ohhh girl, I am going to write all kinds of bad stuff about you in my blog and totally trash Wal Mart.” And then I thought, “eh, why even bother.” Everybody already knows how awful some people can be. That’s nothing new.

The other day, someone left a comment on the pictures I posted for the Weekly Photo Challenge. They said that the photos were sad. Hmmm. I didn’t think they were sad at all. They were just some pictures of some doors. All photography isn’t bright and happy stuff. But, I guess they were at least good enough to make somebody feel something. Even if it wasn’t rainbows and sunshine.

I changed my blog theme again. Only this time I really like it. Probably because I paid for it. I’ve been looking at the theme for a while and finally just decided to do it. It’s hard finding one with all of the elements that I want. This one is probably the closest. I know some css and html, but not enough to make a blog theme. I suppose I could spend time learning. I’ve tried before, but it’s just so confusing. Kind of like Algebra. I was always so horrible in that. I guess I don’t want the knowledge bad enough to put forth the effort. That’s on me.


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