Not a fan

Most people like the Summer, but I must say that I detest it. I think I got heat stroke today. I was outside in the hot sun for 5+ hours. I was at work. I was doing a lot of manual labor. I thought I was drinking enough water. I got really dizzy. Then started sweating profusely. I couldn’t focus. I kept wanting to pass out. At one point I was in the bathroom vomiting profusely. I had cramps. It was awful. Every single bit of energy was zapped out of me.

After I got home and cooled down it was better. But I still feel not up to par. I know the heat had something to do with it. This is why I hate summer.


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  1. Yup. Sun stroke. My mother got it once. Horrible..Hope you recover before tomorrow or call in sick.


    • I don’t do in until 5 pm today and I will be inside. If I rest all day I should be fine. 😕

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      • Hope so. A cold wet rag on the back of the neck helps stave off sunstroke, but guess you’d have to carry a little cooler with ice, water and towels..We used to do this when we did outside shows in the summer. Depending on your work, this might be hard to do, but a good hat helps. Preach, preach!


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