Daily Prompt : Memory on the Menu

Which good memories are better – the recent and vivid ones, or those that time has covered in a sweet haze?

Sweet haze?
What’s sweet haze for one is memory from hell for another.

Case in point : Disney World – Summer 1975

Eight people in a rented Winnebago.
Me – 16
Sis – 14
Mom – 37
Mom’s boyfriend and future husband – 39
Mom’s boyfriend’s son – 15
Boyfriend’s son’s best friend – 15
Mom’s brother and my Uncle – 20
Uncle’s girlfriend – 19

Somebody came up with the brilliant idea to rent a Winnebago and drive to Disney World and other parts of Florida for two weeks. Eight people crammed in a big piece of metal. Yay, Disney World. Boo, eight people crammed into a Winnebago for 2 weeks.

It started off fine. Kumbaya and all that mess. Then, we entered the Twilight Zone.


I want to drive, no I want to drive
Let me drive, I’ve got my learner’s permit
Ewww, I don’t want to eat there I hate that place
I want the top bunk, no I want the top bunk
Are we there yet?
Shut up, we just stopped 10 minutes ago
Everybody needs to shut up so I can concentrate on driving
You’re almost 17, why are you acting like a child
Carl, you’re driving too fast
Be back here in an hour or we’re leaving without you
Mom I need some more money/I just gave you 10 dollars what’d you do with it?
Stop eating so much junk, you’ll get sick.
I don’t feel good, my stomach hurts
It’s hot in here
It’s my turn to sit up front/you already did/ not I didn’t, yes you did/I hate your guts
I’m turning around and we’re going back home RIGHT NOW!

And then we got to Disney World

Okay, we can split up, but you need to watch your sister/ WHAAAAT, WHY ME!?
Do you have on your sunscreen?/I don’t need it
Ouch, I’m sunburned
Hey, wait for me!
Hurry up, you’re too slow
The line’s too long
It’s time to go, where are David and Rick?
The engagement is off

And then we went to the ocean

I’m not going into the water/Remember that Jaws movie we saw last week?
Is that a shark?
Don’t go to far out in the water
Don’t get sand everywhere
The sand’s burning my feet
That’s my towel, no that’s MY towel
I’m hungry
Who drank my soda?
Where’d you get that beer
Are you drunk?
I’m telling mom!

And then we went to a campground

I want to go home
I’m not using that public shower
Where’s all the snacks/they’re gone/why didn’t we get some more?
Stop snoring
Who keeps farting
It’s too crowded in here
I’m hot!!!
Where did all this sand come from?
There’s too many bugs
Where’s the mosquito repellent?
There’s a frog in here
Will you all PLEASE SHUT UP!
Where are we going tomorrow?
Goodnight, John Boy/shut up you’re so stupid

And then, on the way home

What state are we in?
Change the channel, I hate that song
Turn up the air!
What’s that noise/why are we slowing down?
We need to find a pay phone
What!? The Winnebago is broken down and we’re stuck here until they can fix it!
They said we’d get a full refund/they’re giving us a new Winnebago
This whole trip SUCKS!

So, we finally made it back home. Sunburned. Sand in all the suitcases. I hated the trip. But, some of the others who were on it with me remember it with fondness. Really? Did you not go through the same things that I did? There were a lot of fights and arguments. People getting lost. Cramped quarters. Sunburn. People getting sick. I broke my toe.

I can’t really cover it in a sweet haze. More like hot, sweaty, dysfunctional haze.


Greetings from fucking Disney World



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4 replies

  1. Ha!!! Loved the illustration and can well imagine the trip from your snatches of dialogue. I can understand taking immediate families but who in the world decided that friends and brothers should be taken along as well? I’d love to hear this from the point of view of someone who remembers it fondly!! http://judydykstrabrown.com/2015/07/10/old-stories/


    • It was kind of a ‘get to know everyone’ trip. It was all my uncle’s idea. The future stepbrother’s friend tagging along was a last minute thing.
      My sister remembers it fondly. My stepbrother, David, hated it as much as I did. At one point he ran away and we searched for him for hours.


  2. “Really? Did you not go through the same things that I did? ” I have family memories like that!!! Great job!


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