Daily Prompt – Grand Slam

In your own life, what would be the equivalent of a walk-off home run? (For the baseball-averse, that’s a last minute, back-against-the-wall play that guarantees a dramatic victory.)

One time I was on a game show called The Rich List. It was a tie game. The winner would go to the bonus round for a chance to win $250,000 dollars. The category was countries that start with the letter C. The opponents said they could name 3. My partner Jessica and I said 4. The opponents said 5. Then, for some strange reason, I said 11. The opponents called us on it. So, we had to name 11 or lose and go home.

Jessica’s strong point was pop culture, so she wasn’t going to be any help. So, I searched my brain. I figured I could do it alphabetically. Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, Central African Republic, etc. I got up to 10. The clock was ticking and I was sweating. Jessica was staring at me like, “You’re an idiot for saying 11!”

The host said, “I need an answer, now.”
All of a sudden Croatia popped into my head. “Croatia”, I said.

That’s right! That’s 11 and you go to the bonus round.

In the bonus round the category was no. 1 Beatles songs. Name 15 and we win $250.000. I told Jessica not to say ANYTHING. She’d already screwed it up in an earlier bonus round when the category was songs on the Grease soundtrack album. She said Summer Lovin’ instead of Summer Nights. We got nothing. I wasn’t going to let her screw this up. So, I named 15 no. 1 Beatles songs while she just stood there. Home run.



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