Hmmmm…I’ve been getting some nasty messages and comments from people concerning the Final Jeopardy posts that I do. Saying it’s ruining their fun, calling me a fucking idiot, blah blah blah.

First of all, you bunch of crybabies, it’s just a stupid blog post; not the end of the world. Some of us have real life problems, and a stupid Jeopardy spoiler sure isn’t one of them. Go grab a rattle and cry on your mama’s lap…bitches.

Of course, then again, there are some people who like them. They like to read the answer ahead of time and seem smart in front of family and friends. Who am I to deprive them of that? Again, it’s a stupid tv show. Not real danger.

Work has been busy. Plus a lot of home stuff going on. The electrical guy is coming tomorrow to rewire the entire house. He said the electricity will be out for about 4 hours. Today is was 110 with the heat index and tomorrow is more of the same. Should be fun.

Another birthday has come and gone. This year it was on a Sunday. I don’t like birthdays and all of the hoopla. But, I did make myself a cake. Exactly the kind I wanted, without everybody telling me what kind I should make. You know, when people say stuff like, “You should make this, or you should add that, or you should use this kind of frosting”. I hate that. Why can’t people just mind their own business?

Anyway, I’m still recovering from today’s heat. I will be so glad when Winter gets here. All of my friends tell me I’m crazy. “How can you like the freezing temperatures”, they say. Again, someone telling me what I should do, or like. It’s so frickin’ annoying.


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  1. Confused. How do you get Jeopardy ahead of everyone else? I haven’t had TV for years so I’m out of it..No complaints, Bob. What kind of cake did you make?


    • In most places, Jeopardy comes on at 6:30 pm or later. Where I live, it comes on at 11 am. I see it about 6 or so hours before everyone else (well, in most of the country).
      I made a white cake with white frosting and topped it with coconut. It’s my favorite. It’s already gone.


  2. Well, one thing I have to say is “if someone is taking the time to go out of their way, to “Ruin” their Final Jeopardy question ‘Before’ they have watched Jeopardy, “Who” Forced You to go to this Blog -?!!? … You’re An Idiot-! … You are just “Desperate” for something to Bitch About. This just Indicates your Position in life. …. “I” like this Blog ’cause I can check the Answer Later, ‘After’ Jeopardy is Over. … now go ‘Troll’ somewhere else.” Beatch.


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