The Bob Files


So, I finished A Visit From the Goon Squad. It was worth the read. The penultimate chapter was a power point presentation by a 12 year old. It was kind of hard to read on the kindle fire. You couldn’t… Read More ›


The cabinet guy came yesterday; to look over the kitchen cabinets and give an estimate on how much a refurbishing would be. He showed color options. He said the cabinets were in good shape and that they were actually back… Read More ›


Hmmmm…I’ve been getting some nasty messages and comments from people concerning the Final Jeopardy posts that I do. Saying it’s ruining their fun, calling me a fucking idiot, blah blah blah. First of all, you bunch of crybabies, it’s just… Read More ›

Wednesday junk

So, it was really hot today. 107 with the heat index.Plus, it was truck day Unload a semi full of furniture, unbox furniture, put furniture together, tag the furniture with prices, place furniture in appropriate spot… Some of that stuff… Read More ›

Kate and Jaclyn

Yesterday, before work, I stopped at the store to get a few sodas. When I looked at the bottles later, I noticed that I had 2/3 of the original Charlie’s Angels actresses. Kate (Jackson) and Jaclyn (Smith). There’s probably not… Read More ›

Employee Humiliation Week

So, it’s employee appreciation week at work. It started yesterday. There is a theme. The break room gets decorated and everything! Sound like fun, right? Our theme is Christmas in July. I don’t know who came up with it, but…WHAT?… Read More ›

Not a fan

Most people like the Summer, but I must say that I detest it. I think I got heat stroke today. I was outside in the hot sun for 5+ hours. I was at work. I was doing a lot of… Read More ›

It’s Monday…again

So, it’s Monday again. The 4th of July weekend is over. I didn’t really do anything. Sue’s friend, Deb, came over on the 4th and we barbecued some steaks. That was fun. We also watched women’s soccer. I had worked… Read More ›